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Conduit Lenders List: The Largest Conduit Lenders of 2018

The Top CMBS Lenders of the First Half of 2018

While in an earlier article, we looked at the top CMBS lenders of 2017, we’ll now take a look at some more recent data. As of the first quarter of 2018, the top conduit lenders included JP Morgan Chase Bank, Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs, each which issued more than $3 billion of conduit loans during this time. Overall, nearly $40 billion of CMBS loans were issued during this time period, a 17% increase from the first half of 2o17. In order of size, the top 8 conduit lenders of H1 2018 were:

  • JP Morgan Chase Bank: $5.71 billion, with a 14.42% market share

  • Deutsche Bank: $5.54 billion, with a 13.8% market share

  • Goldman Sachs: $3.85 billion, with a 9.59% market share

  • Wells Fargo Bank: $3.06 billion, with a 7.62% market share

  • Citigroup: $3.08 billion, with a 7.57% market share

  • Morgan Stanley: $2.72 billion, with a 6.78% market share

  • Natixis: $2.32 billion, with a 5.78% market share

  • Barclay’s Bank: $2.30 billion, with a 5.75% market share

So far, this is a slight difference from 2017, in which Goldman Sachs was by far the largest conduit lender, with a staggering $11.7 billion of CMBS loans issued in that year alone. However, the top three lenders remain the same, indicating that not too much has changed in CMBS lending over the last year or so.

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