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Can Trepp Can Provide Valuable Market Data for CMBS Borrowers?

Trepp’s Role in the CMBS Industry

Trepp is a data analytics and software company which provides information and insights about the CMBS and commercial real estate markets. While Trepp’s products are mainly targeted towards institutional bond investors, broker dealers, and hedge funds, their products can also be also be valuable for CMBS borrowers, as well as investors interested in acquiring properties that are currently being funded with CMBS loans (especially in the case of loan assumptions). This is especially due to the fact that Trepp’s analytics tools and databases can provide detailed information about individual properties currently funded with CMBS loans.

In addition to individual property data, Trepp’s research library also provides many tools that can help borrowers better understand the broader CMBS market, including CMBS morning updates, monthly CMBS delinquency reports, and in-depth research on recent changes and industry trends.

Trepp and CMBS Loan Assumptions

As previously mentioned, Trepp’s tools may be especially valuable for investors looking to assume a CMBS loan on a property-- especially if they are looking for distressed borrowers who may be close to default. For instance, an investor could use Trepp’s tools to locate a troubled borrower, purchasing their property for a discount, assuming their CMBS loan, and saving them from a costly default. After injecting new capital into the property and increasing occupancy, the investor could then either hold onto the property or sell it at a significant premium.

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