Our People

The soul, the pumping heart, of any organization isn’t its ideas or its cash on hand; it’s not earnings growth or operating margins; and it’s not the technology or self-evolving algorithms powering automated decisions and processes — it’s the humans behind the company that power the culture, the vision and the execution of the ever-evolving mission. We are proud to say that we at Janover Ventures have a diverse group of incredibly smart, hard-working, ambitious, creative, innovate people engaged all over the globe for our cause and although it’s hard to mention everyone that has touched our organization in a meaningful way over the years and that continue to, below is a brief snapshot of the linear thinking analytical guys, the spacial thinking creators, and the hard-working, hyper-intelligent folks in-between that drive our real estate and capital markets advisory machine forward.

Profile picture of Nikita Drozd
Nikita Drozd
Senior Full Stack Engineer
Profile picture of Victoria Griesdoorn, PhD
Victoria Griesdoorn, PhD
Operations Manager
Profile picture of Camilo Padron
Camilo Padron
Director Capital Markets
Profile picture of Brandon Ramineh
Brandon Ramineh
Director Capital Markets
Profile picture of Steve Schwartz
Steve Schwartz
Director of Growth
Profile picture of Vera Pimchenko
Vera Pimchenko
Data Scientist
Profile picture of David Miller
David Miller
Resident AI
Profile picture of Joe Alexander
Joe Alexander
Jr. Capital Markets Associate
Profile picture of Seva Sozanskyi
Seva Sozanskyi
Full Stack Web Developer
Profile picture of Alexander Burtsev
Alexander Burtsev
Quality Assurance Engineer
Profile picture of Gustavo Lemos
Gustavo Lemos
Jr. Data Engineer
Profile picture of Valerie Ford
Valerie Ford
Profile picture of Luis Camacho
Luis Camacho
Growth Engineer
Profile picture of Parminder Singh
Parminder Singh
Growth Engineer
Profile picture of Lucian Marin
Lucian Marin
Design Lead
Profile picture of Robert Hudert
Robert Hudert
Senior Analyst
Profile picture of Alex Kerrigan
Alex Kerrigan
Director of Content
Profile picture of Keat Min Woo
Keat Min Woo
Senior Full Stack Data Engineer
Profile picture of Parikshit Joshi
Parikshit Joshi
Growth Associate